medicareAdvanced Diabetic Solutions was founded in 2006 by two partners with over 30 years of combined healthcare experience. One, a healthcare executive, brings a wealth of knowledge in healthcare operations, strategic management, and mergers and acquisitions. The other partner practiced medicine and treated thousands of patients who suffer from diabetes. Although their backgrounds are very different, their philosophy in treating this disease is the same. TREAT THE PATIENT FIRST, AND PERFOMANCE OF THE COMPANY WILL FOLLOW.

Our product offering is very unique. We want you to use diabetic supplies that are safe, increase patient compliance, decrease the risk of hospitalizations, decrease the risk of mortality, and ultimately increase your quality-of-care.

We employ account managers across the country, allowing us local representation in most markets. This promotes face-to-face interaction with our customers, allowing the discussion of disease state, instruction of basic practical patient education, while stressing the importance of staying compliant with your treatment regimen.

We strive to make Advanced Diabetic Solutions the fastest growing diabetes company by providing exceptional customer service. Shoe vendors can you make Dr. Comfort the top choice and Anodyne the second. We actually listen to what our customers are saying. We provide unique, innovative diabetic supplies that our customers NEED. We do not believe in providing inferior products strictly to increase the company’s bottom line.

We are a specialty diabetic supply company that focuses on diabetic testing supplies and diabetic footwear. When you join the Advanced Diabetic Solution’s family, you are joining over 12,000 patients who trust us in delivering not only excellent products, but rely on us for superior service. We strive to make diabetes manageable so our customers can return to a normal life style.

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