Test Strips

The technological advantages of the SOLUS V2 meter also include the advanced strip technology. There were 5 components that were evaluated when developing the SOLUS V2 test strip: Technological Advances, Testing Abilities, Size of the Strip, and Ease-of-Use.

Technological Advances

The Solo meter was designed with biosensor technology which uses the enzyme glucose oxidase to break down blood glucose. The strip itself contains 4-leads, while most strips on the market today have only 3 leads. How does that benefit you? The more leads a glucose testing strip contains, the more information and data that can be transmitted to the meter. This is important and advantageous in order to get a better, more accurate test. Ex: Most talking meters on the market today only contain 3-leads. If you have or have used a talking meter in the past, you rely heavily on the accuracy of the audible output. Unfortunately, most talking meters will give you a FALSE LOW result if you don’t have a sufficient amount of blood. The SOLUS V2 is so sophisticated it will let you know in an audible format, “Insufficient Blood, Please Test Again!”. It will NOT produce a FALSE LOW result, which reduces the risk of morbidity and mortality.

Solo Vortex Action

Vortex Action is a powerful current that draws the blood from the test site and moves it rapidly into the strip. This action results in faster, more accurate results and reduces chances for errors. The rapid absorption of the blood into the test strip is a huge benefit for any person who suffers from neuropathy and can greatly reduce frustrations they may feel as a result of not being able to get the proper amount of blood into the test strip.

Testing Abilities

The strip was made to draw in the blood at a very fast pace. When the glucose reacts with the reagents on the test strips, an electrical current is produced, which is proportional to the glucose concentration in the blood sample. The glucose concentration is calculated by the meter and on the current measured. Upon contact, the strip and the meter work synergistically to give you a reading very similar to the blood glucose found in your plasma.


The SOLUS V2 test strips were designed to be a large, easy to handle test strip. We were cognizant that many patients suffer from diabetic neuropathy and handling test strips can be difficult. The larger strip helps reduce any frustrations that may come with the testing process. Our Strip bottle also has a wide mouth opening making it easier to access the strips.


Like the large display on the SOLUS V2 meter, the strip is clearly marked to show which end is to be inserted in the meter and which side is up. These characteristics eliminate the confusion when it is time to test.